When the sun starts sinking
On your beautiful soul
Make you cry, cry baby
Make you feel so cold
Don't you know it's alright
Sometimes you just got to show how you feel
Cuz that's you baby
Hell, you're so real


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  1. everkings:

    ART ART ART ART ART! (I can do it.)




    So, as some of you know - I do design for a charity called Random Acts . We fund acts of kindness - so if you wanna do something nice for someone, but don’t have the bucks - thaaaaat’s what we do.


    Our big endurance fundraiser is coming…

  2. okbjgm:


    I’ve just read Cecil Castellucci’s 2005 debut novel Boy Proof and it’s delightful to discover that she’s every bit as talented a novelist as she is a graphic novel writer (The Plain Janes, the first volume in the outstanding Minx graphic novel series) and a rock musician (Nerdy Girl/Bite).

    do as Cory says and read the work of cecil castellucci!

  3. I wanted this to happen so bad

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  4. Life and death of Andraste


    Also, you should totally cosplay Andraste.

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  5. endless list of favorite mass effect sass

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  6. hipsterinatardis:

    Petition for more Dragon Age fanart in tarot cards and religious iconography styles.

  7. thelovelylittlesmile:


#there’s nothing funnier than people in period clothes doing modern stuff

this is my favorite 
  8. cosplayinamerica:

If Geek Girls Acted like Geek Guys —-> 


    If Geek Girls Acted like Geek Guys —-> 

  9. things i need in inquisition #2352

    1. inquisitor: i'd like to introduce you to a valuable ally, the hero of ferelde-
    2. blackwall: warden-commander?
    3. warden: blackwall?
    4. blackwall: bro
    5. warden: BRO
    6. both: *sports guy chest bump*
    7. inquisitor: seriously do i not get one moment here
    8. hawke: VARRIC!
    9. inquisitor: ffs
  10. burloire:

    Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer Classes (x)

    Archer // Necromancer // Assassin // Elementalist // Keeper // Alchemist // Katari // Reaver // Legionnaire

    omfg yes

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